Renovations & New Facility Outfits

Finance 100% of Your Build-out Project


Expanding or improving your facility can open the door to incredible new opportunities for your practice. It can also be the source of significant expense. A leasing program with First American may be the advantageous alternative you seek. From tax savings benefits to project simplification, First American has adept experience in financing expansions, renovations, and new facility outfits. This includes everything from carpeting and cabinetry to dental equipment and even installation costs. You will receive a highly customized solution to meet your exact needs — from the straightforward purchase of new equipment to the complicated design and construction process of multifaceted, multi-location build-out projects.

      Leasing Benefits

  • Improve tax efficiency
  • Distribute costs over time
  • Finance 100% of costs
  • Ensure budget consistency
  • Finance costs from multiple vendors

      Commonly Leased Projects

  • Furniture & fixtures
  • Implementation costs
  • Design & construction costs
  • Lighting
  • Operatory outfits


Technology Renewal Programs

Equipment Upgrades

Investment in New Technologies

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