Cash Reimbursement


Raise Capital While Maintaining Use of Your Assets

As you approach your quarter or fiscal year end, it is an excellent opportunity to analyze your financial position. And during a volatile economic environment, your cash position is a critical financial consideration. When using a sale and leaseback transaction to improve your cash position, it is possible to:

  • Maintain debt ratings

  • Avoid bank covenant violations

  • Improve liquidity rates

  • Consolidate multiple capital acquisitions onto one lease

  • Spread the cost of equipment over the life of the asset


What is a Sale and Leaseback?

In a sale and leaseback transaction, you sell your equipment to a lessor, and the lessor reimburses you 100% of the original purchase price of your equipment. You continue the use of your equipment and use the cash reimbursement for:

  • Growth initiatives

  • Strategic projects

  • Debt reduction

  • Strengthening your cash position

In addition to equipment — software, services, and build-out expenses are also eligible for cash reimbursement.


How it Works:

  1. Send your receipts to First American

  2. First American completes a credit review

  3. Receive 100% of the original purchase price of the equipment

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